Michele Taylor Photography


My images are released under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial License.

What does this mean?

I want my images to be shared & enjoyed by as many people as possible, and freely sharing them through sites such as Pinterest and Google+ is fine by me, provided that I'm acknowledged as the image creator.

I also want to be compensated for the use of my images if you intend to use them for commercial purposes.

Let’s define this a bit more.

Under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial License, you may:
~ Share my images by Copying, Distributing & Transmitting
~ Create derivatives of the images by changing them or incorporating them into another artwork, provided that you do not sell it, and that you also share your artwork through Creative Commons.

Non-Commercial use of my images must be performed under the following conditions:

~ Recognition of the original author: You must attribute images to Michele Taylor and display a link to www.nzmichele.com
~ Non-commercial: Under no circumstances can the images be used for commercial purposes. (See below for further information on Commercial Usage.)

~ For a school project.
~ As part of a derivative art piece that is also distributed under Creative Commons and not sold or exchanged for commercial value.
~ For use in Blog Posts on personal websites that are not used to generate income, or on sites such as Pinterest and Google+.
~ As a computer desktop background or as wallpaper/lock screen images on Mobile devices such as Smartphones or Tablets.


Commercial Use is roughly defined as being any case where the image is used for financial gain or promotion of an entity or product. In blunt terms, if you’re using my images to further your commercial/financial cause, then I want to do that too!

Commercial use extends to not-for-profit charitable organizations, and is not based on whether a financial transaction takes place, nor the tax-filing status of the entity using the image.

Commercial usage of my images is allowed only if express written permission is granted by Michele Taylor. A licensing fee applies, and fees are calculated and determined according to the image usage.

Factors to be considered include:
~ Media: where will the image be used? (E.g. for print, television, website, billboard advertising etc.)
~ Duration: for how long will the image be used? (E.g. 6 months, 1 year, 2 years etc.)
~ Distribution size: what is the market for intended usage? (E.g. how many printed copies; intended audience size; international, nationwide or regional exposure.)
~ Prominence and Importance: how will the image be used and where will it be placed? (E.g. In print: will the image be used on a front cover or back page, or within a document? How big will the image be? Online: is the image on a website homepage?)

~ Use of the images as backgrounds for products on websites or in printed materials.
~ Marketing, Promotional & Sales Campaigns for commercial businesses.
~ Use of the images by a not-for-profit entity.
~ To illustrate an article on travel.
~ Permission to create prints for use in a private home.

All licensing inquiries can be made by emailing me: Contact Michele Taylor Please include the Image Names in the email.